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Abbey Bominable Product Review

Average user rating of 9 stars out of 10

Monster High Doll Frankie Stein

"Abbey's clothing is just stunning, she is so beautiful!! My daughter just loves this doll."

-Christie from Newport, Rhode Island (9.5 stars)

"Obviously the white outfit on Abbey is just adorable."

-Marianne from Orlando, Florida (8 stars)

"We live in Northern Ontario, so we just love the theme of Abbey!"

-Janet from Dryden, Ontario (10 stars)

Detailed Product Review

Without a doubt Abbey is one of the most popular Monster High Dolls to hit the line. One of the first things we noticed with Abbey is of course her beautiful white outfit. If your kids are the rare bunch that play with their Monster High Dolls outside, then Abbey might get dirty quickly but overall this is just an amazing doll for this product line. Like the rest of the Monster High Dolls Abbey is a durable doll and if your daughters play with them reasonably they should have no problem lasting most, if not all of their child hood.

The other thing we really loved about Abbey Bominable is her story and where she comes from. While most of the Monster High Dolls come from ghoulish family types, Abbey has a really neat background as the daughter of the Yeti. She keeps the supernatural aspect to the doll line but incorporates some really cool new twists.

Abbey Bominable is one of the latest Monster High additions. As an exchange student from the cold north, Abbey really is cool, as her icy skin and beautiful white outfit are the first things that will be noticed when she's first taken out of the box. Of course, this means that the doll can become dirtier than some of the other dolls in the collection, but these dolls tend to be easy to dust down. Over time, unlike other dolls on the market, Abbey Bominable doesn't break and isn't damaged easily, so everyone should get full value for their money.

The makers of this doll have really gone the whole hog when it comes to Abbey as they've used an iridescent and glamorous material for her hair, and she shimmers like ice as her skin is covered in small amounts of glitter. But don't worry, this glitter doesn't fall off all over the carpet, it stays firmly where it's supposed to so Abbey won't lose her sparkle over time.

Abbey is certainly a unique addition to the collection as she differs in that her back story is very different from the other dolls, which come from more ghoulish families. The accessories that come with her also match this theme as she comes with an adorable baby woolly mammoth named Shiver, a cool accessory, a doll stand, and a cute little diary.

Due to how different Abbey is from the other dolls in the Monster High collection, expect this to become a collectible as she truly is like no other character in the collection. It really is a break from tradition by the Monster High creators, but it's a break which has clearly worked out for the best.

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What's In The Box?

  • Abbey Bominable Doll
  • Doll Stand
  • Baby Wooly Mammoth, Shiver
  • Diary
  • One Accessory
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