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Draclaura Product Review

Average user rating of 8.5 stars out of 10

Monster High Doll Frankie Stein

"Draculaura is our favorite Monster High Doll"

-Linda from Lansing, Michigan (9 stars)

"I can't say enough about these dolls, especially Draculaura, my kids can't get enough of her."

-Michelle from Henderson, Nevada (10 stars)

"I like Draculaura, but she is not my favorite of the series"

-Jan from Newark, New Jersey (7 stars)

Detailed Product Review

Draculaura is clearly one of the most popular of the Monster High Dolls. Like the rest of this product line, these toys hold up well through the normal use your children will most likely put them through. Being that Draculaura is generally a toy targeted more towards girls, we find that she holds up well simply because most of the time the play isn't anything too active. Most girls like to display her on the doll stand and admire her fashions or play with here accessories.

Most of the Monster High Dolls have really neat clothing and accessories and Draculaura is no exception. After reading about Draculaura online and seeing her on TV, my daughter and I were both really surprised with how cute she was in real person, the detail is excellent! This is a really great doll for this collection and certainly a must have.

Adding to the vampire family of the Monster High collection is the daughter of the legendary Count Dracula himself involved. Draculaura is one of the most popular dolls in the series and places an emphasis on fashion and beauty. Immediately, the doll's outfits are what catch the eye as the blend of bat-like black and ballerina pink combine to create a gothic yet fashion-conscious girl of Monster High.

The manufacturers have clearly paid a great attention to detail on this doll as small amounts of glitter are used on her cheeks to add that extra bit of sparkle; and it doesn't come off either! The makeup has also been carefully placed on to her lips and around her eyes, and even the smallest details, like her laces, have seen lots of careful attention.

The doll is certainly durable and can stand up to the punishment children will inevitably put it through for many years, so that's always a plus. Purchasers should be aware that the arms and legs do snap right off so additional outfits can be added to her, but they snap right back in, so don't make the mistake of thinking they are broken.

This Monster High doll does provide their customers with the most value as they also have a range of additional 'gifts' which they add to the box, such as: Draculaura's adorable pet bat called Count Fabulous, a doll display stand, an additional accessory for Draculaura, as well as a fun diary.

This is certainly a doll that any Monster High fan has to have in their collection!

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What's In The Box?

  • Draculaura Doll
  • Doll Stand
  • Pet Bat Count Fabulous
  • Diary
  • One Accessory
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