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Frankie Stein Product Review

Average user rating of 8.5 stars out of 10

Monster High Doll Frankie Stein

"What a classic, this doll is soo cute!!"

-Sara from Boise, Idaho (9 stars)

"This is a good quality toy, my daughter loves it."

-Tami from Beloit, Wisconsin (10 stars)

"These dolls have the cutest clothing, they are really a great collectible"

-Jasmine from Albany, New York (8 stars)

Detailed Product Review

Frankie Stein is one of the core Monster High Dolls that has been here since it all began. As with the complete product line, we have found the durability and playability of this toy to be better than average. The true appeal is the detail and design of the clothing and accessories.

One of the first thing you will notice when you take Frankie out of her box is her eyes. The detail is excellent and they are just adorable! The beautiful darker clothes and hair just make Frankie's eyes stick out that much more. This really is a great doll in the Monster High Series. Not only is Frankie a great toy, she has a lot of collectible value as well.

For monster movie fans, this is the perfect doll to buy for Christmas, a birthday, or a special occasion. The low price for such a beautifully made doll makes the purchase certainly worth the while as it also comes with a number of great accessories to really immerse oneself into the world the doll comes from. Accessories include; a doll stand for displaying the doll in all its glamour, an accessory, Frankie Stein's pet dog called Watzit, and a useful diary.

As one of the oldest dolls from the Monster High collection, the doll is durable and can withstand the playtime of any child. Infused with ghoulish virtue, the quality craftsmanship is noticeable as soon as she is taken out of the box as the darker colours of the doll contrast dramatically with her skin and eyes to really maximise the doll's essential features.

Those who buy Frankie Stein, will not only have hours of fun with all of the above accessories, but they will also have a large choice of outfits to choose from as the doll is fully customisable. Simply unclip the arms, remove the outfit, and attach a new outfit to Frankie. Now it's possible to have a different outfit for a different day. Customers will find that this option to customise Frankie really comes into its own when combined with the other dolls in the Monster High collection.

This doll will certainly be one of the most collectible Monster High dolls as the years go by.

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What's In The Box?

  • Frankie Stein Doll
  • Doll Stand
  • Pet Dog Watzit
  • Diary
  • One Accessory
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